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COMENIUS-Projekt "Regional Identities in a European Network"


Nach dem sehr erfolgreichen Musik- und Kunstprojekt „Music touches the soul and unites hearts“ mit zwei Schulen in Polen und Tschechien arbeitete das Dalberg-Gymnasium zuletzt mit Schulen in Österreich und Italien zusammen.


Das letzte Projekt im Rahmen des EU-Förderprogramms für Lebenslanges Lernen setzte den Schwerpunkt auf das internetbasierte Fremdsprachenlernen und die regionalen Besonderheiten der teilnehmenden Schulen.

Schüler des Dalberg-Gymnasiums, des Istituto Tecnico Statale per il Turismo Marco Polo in Palermo (Italien) sowie der Hauptschule Neukirchen/Vöckla (Österreich) erarbeiteten im Verlauf des Projekts im Unterricht verschiedene Themen sowohl in der Muttersprache als auch in den gemeinsamen Fremdsprachen und tauschten diese über die Online-Lernplattform moodle aus. Die so gewonnenen Texte, Bilder, Ton- und Videodokumente können auch über das Projekt hinaus im Unterricht verwendet werden und fügen dem gewohnten Lernmaterial eine weitere, authentische Komponente hinzu.



I am standing on the balcony watching the cars go by, listening to the engines and smelling the exhaust fumes. This city is always hurrying from one event to another.

I have just arrived in Palermo, melting pot of many different cultures. Due to the Comenius project I am visiting the city together with two classmates, my teachers Mr. Sommer, Mrs Leeb and our headmaster Dr. Bauer. Our partnerschool’s name is “Istituto Tecnico per il Turismo ‘Marco Polo’”, a building with six floors, equiped with IT-rooms and a gym. School starts at 8:20 a.m. and this is announced by a loud and terrifying signal.

My hostfamily and the partners of my travel mates Julia and Caroline are outgoing and friendly. So we are introduced to Palermo’s sights, it’s nightlife and typical sicilian food.

Though there are some problems concerning the use of english language, we are able to communicate and get well along. When asking a girl some questions about her culture, she said: ‘I love my culture. We are friendly and warmhearted people, but there are also problems I would like to solve.’ She wants to study languages and travel all over the world. Certainly taking part in the Comenius project is a very good beginning. On our last day we are exploring archaeological excavations. Former greek inhabitants have left a proud legacy and today we can still visit their temples. Afterwards we are going to a famous winery-Donna Fugata. There we are being showed how tasty wines are produced and we are also allowed to assure ourselves of the wine’s quality.

Sitting in our plane back to Germany we are catching a final glimpse on the city and we absolutely agree with J.W.Goethe who said: “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”

Victoria Lehmann, K12


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